Best Miter Saw Blades- Reviews and Guide

Best Miter Saw Blades

Why You Need a Reliable Miter Saw Blade

Just like you would use a miter saw for different purposes, the same is true for miter saw blades. They come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, and are each designed to perform a specific carpentry function.

Whether you need to rough-cut large pieces of structural lumber, make finish cuts to smooth, exterior pieces, or anything in between, you need to right tool for the job. Miter saw blades offer a wide range of design features to meet your weekend needs around the house or the daily needs of an onsite journeyman carpenter.

Below are three different miter saw blades designed for three different purposes. They represent the very best in modern materials and engineering and have been manufactured to the industry’s top specifications.

Freud D1080X Diablo 10-inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade

Freud-D1080X-Diablo-10-inch-80-tooth-ATB-Finish-Saw-BladeMade from durable micro-grain titanium carbide materials, the Freud D1080X 10-inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade is specially designed for maximum performance as a finish miter saw blade.

It has been specially engineered to vent excess heat, which extends its life expectancy and greatly reduces any chance of blade warp. It’s 80-teeth Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) design ensures a glass-smooth finish on each cut requiring no sanding to achieve a tight, accurate fit.

The 5/8-inch laser-cut arbor ensures accurate blade rotation to 7,000 rpm, which significantly reduces blade vibration that can lead to premature wear and tear of the blade. Add to this its heat expansion slots designed to let the blade expand to dissipate heat, and you can see just how the Diablo D1080X ATB Finish Saw Blade is designed for years of everyday use. It comes complete with Diablo’s limited lifetime warranty, giving you the confidence you need when purchasing the miter saw finish blade.

  • Extremely tough titanium carbide design
  • 80 ATB teeth to ensure a glass-smooth finish
  • Laser cut arbor for maximum stability
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Freud LU85R009 9-inch 72 Tooth ATB Ultimate Cut Off Saw Blade

Freud-LU85R009-9-inch-72-Tooth-ATB-Ultimate-Cut-Off-Saw-BladeSpecially designed to be the ultimate crosscutting blade in your carpentry arsenal, the Freud LU85R009 9-inch 72 Tooth ATB Ultimate Cut Off Saw Blade should be your top consideration when needing to crosscut both hardwood and softwood.

This particular Freud miter saw blade has been engineered with each Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth side grinded, resulting in the wood actually being polished as its being cut. The Perma-SHIELD coating further reduces blade friction, which helps reduce heat and extends the life of the saw blade. The laser-cut 5/8-inch arbor fits virtually every miter saw in the industry ensures reduced vibration because of its precision fit.

Produced from micro-grain carbide with titanium—a combination of titanium and cobalt—the Freud LU85R009 is one of the most innovative designs in the industry and is backed by Freud’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • ATB teeth ensure a glass-smooth crosscut finish
  • Micro-grain titanium and cobalt materials for long life
  • Perfect for both hardwood and softwood applications
  • Industry standard 9-inch 72 ATB teeth 5/8-inch arbor design
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Freud D1244X Diablo 12-inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade

Freud-D1244X-Diablo-12-inch-44-Tooth-ATB-General-Purpose-Miter-Saw-BladeWhen you need an all-purpose miter saw blade that delivers the goods and will reliably be there for you, day in and day out, it’s hard to pass on the Freud D1244X Diablo 12-inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade.

Built for everyday use, the Freud D1244X is the perfect miter saw blade when you don’t want to stop to change blades between jobs. Whether you’re cutting hard oak or soft pine, thin plywood or thick, pressure-treated lumber, this 44-tooth Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) saw blade will make quick work of any task in front of you.

Its 12-inch diameter, complete with laser cut heat expansion slots designed to allow the blade to expand and dissipate excess heat, is the perfect miter saw blade for quickly cutting through larger pieces of lumber. It’s tri-metal brazing is resistant to shock, which extends the life of this particular saw blade, ensuring it will be there for you, day in and day out on the job site.

  • 12-inch design for thick lumber
  • 44 ATB teeth for multipurpose cutting
  • Great for hardwood and softwood uses
  • Backed by Freud’s limited lifetime warranty

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How to Choose the Correct Miter Saw Blade

Miter saw blades are designed to meet a wide variety of carpentry purposes, and choosing the correct one is a matter of how it will be used.

Finish or Rough Cut— How you will use the miter saw blade will determine its configuration. When you need a miter saw blade for finish work, a smaller diameter and large tooth-count are what get you that glass-smooth, polished finish requiring little to no sanding. If, however, you are just rough-cutting lumber or plywood where a precise finish is less of a concern, a larger diameter and fewer teeth are perfect for the job.

Hardwood or Softwood— The type of wood you need to cut will also help you determine which type of miter saw blade you need. When cutting hardwoods like oak and cherry, you need to consider the extra friction on the saw blade and plan accordingly by using one designed to withstand higher heat through dissipation.

Softwoods like pine won’t cause as much heat through friction, but fewer teeth can result in a finished cut that might require sanding if necessary for the job.

Alternate Top Bevel— This is a design feature that cuts each tooth in the opposite direction of the one behind it. This alternating left-right cut of each tooth provides maximum stability of the miter saw blade and is what gives each cut a smooth finish. It’s a design feature you should look for when creating your list of requirements.

The right tool for the job is what guarantees quick, professional work no matter the task. When shopping for a miter saw blade, identifying your reasons for needing the blade will point you in the right direction. The three miter saw blades reviewed above are great for a variety of uses and come from one of the leading names in the industry.

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