Best Miter Saw Dust Collection: A Review Of The Top 3 Choices

You need the miter saws for various applications when it comes to working with wood. There is only one problem that most people end up facing when using such power tools and it is the collection of sawdust. If not done correctly, you can expect that your workplace will be littered with a lot of saw dust that might also be an issue for health. To keep your workstation clean and safe, consider using the best miter saw dust collection methods. They will help you easily collect, transport and storage of dust.

Tops Best Miter Saw Dust Collection Products

Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws

Rousseau-5000-Dust-Solution-for-Miter-SawsThe machine has a collector made from a material that is 100 percent nylon. Such a material will ensure that it remains working even for a very long time with consistent use. The presence of the hood ensures that you can easily collect your sawdust. The hood is designed in a way that directs the airflow into the vacuum port easily for the dust collection. The machine still has an interior baffle that will prevent the escape of fine dust into the air. The fine dust has to be trapped by using the latest filters and this machine has them. The machine can easily work will types of miter saws making it multipurpose. There is the presence of a compact storage bag on the machine that makes it possible to transport the collected dust easily.

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FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood

FastCap-Chopshop-Saw-HoodDue to its design, it is possible to eliminate the mess that saw dust can bring when not collected properly. It does not just apply to sawdust, but still any other debris that you can think of. When working outside, it is hard cover can act as protection to the equipment and spread of saw dust due to wind. You will now be able to collect your saw dust quite easily once it has been generated from the machine. This miter saw dust hood is made of a strong material that ensures it can be in great condition even after years of use. The hood can work with several miter saws, chop saws, wet saws and lathes. It is due to this multifunctional capability that you can end up buying it. Due to its functionality, it can be used for compound miter saw dust collection.

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PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood

PSI-Woodworking-DBGULP-Big-Gulp-Dust-HoodTo be among the best miter saw dust collection devices, it had to present the best features. With its wide opening of 16 inches, many people would love to have it in combination with their miter saws. Large openings have made it easy for collecting the saw dust and channel it to the right container. Its construction and design makes it great to use on machines such as planers without hoods, miter saws, lathes, sanding, radial arm saws and carving. The wide range of applications has made it popular among many people in this type of business. Since it weighs only 2.2 pounds, it is easy to say that the hood is portable. You can always move around with it and use it whenever it is needed. The ABS plastic that makes this hood is quite strong to handle the continuous use even in strained cases.

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Dust Collection Tips:
Here are some important methods to use for collecting dust around your workspace:

1. Vacuum Assisted Benches
Vacuuming for a long time has been the best way to remove any dust from a work station. For vacuum assisted benches, it means that the vacuums are interconnected into the benches. Once you are done with sawing, the vacuums can be turned on to remove all the dust in your work area. The collected dust is now sent to the collection bag for better storage and carrying around the dust. Such a setup can be great for the sliding miter saw dust collection.

2. Dust Hoods
Dust hoods come in different make and model. You can use the dust hoods depending on the application at hand. Most of the dust hoods would be made in a way to channel the collected dust into a storage bin or carry bag. If you are going to choose a dust hood, ensure that it has a wide opening for easier collection and deposition of dust. Some hoods do have the capability to be resized to suit different types of applications that you might have. You just have to ensure it fits within your dust collection needs. If you cannot mount the dust collection hoods, consider asking professional help to do the mounting.

3. Dust Collector Bags
As part of the best miter dust collection methods, the use of collector bags is what you need. Most machines will come with their own collector bags, but they will be expensive to replace once they are full. There is the option of opting for the inexpensive, but lighter dust collector bags. Rather than spending over $6 on a single bag, you can now spend 45 cents on a cheaper option. The only downside is that the cheaper bags are quite light, making them usable for one time only. Be careful not to suck up nails as they might end up puncturing the bag and cause a mess due to dust spillage.

4. Miter Saw Dust Catcher
This method is quite useful with the compound miter saw dust collection. Such machines are known to spew dust all over the place unless it has an impressive dust catcher. You can get the machine from a reliable supplier and get it installed as soon as possible. You might have to make your own collector box from the waste materials that you have at home or simply buy one. The mounting of the device needs someone with the skills of mounting a dust collector before. It is still possible to do it on your own if you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the label. Within no time, you should be able to easily collect your dust and keep the work area quite clean.

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