Best Miter Saw for Crown Molding

If you are going to make furniture, you would always want it to stand out from the many available. The use of crown molding is now becoming common and most people are trying to achieve it with every piece of wood they can get. When working to achieve crown molding, you need certain types of miter saws and additional accessories to make the molding precise and faster. If you are looking to start crown molding, one of the best miter saws you can opt for, it is the Dewalt DW713 10-inch compound miter saw.

Below is an in depth look at what makes this Dewalt miter saw model to be best for the job.

Smart design for accurate cuts
The smart design and sturdy saw of this product will deliver precise cuts and allow for different miter applications. The system features a fully adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate. This will help to improve on efficiency, especially when working on projects such as crown molding. Check out the product manual to know just many positions you can use as adjustments. Since it is a bigger miter saw, you can expect it to have more room for versatility for those working on crown molding projects.

Increased bezel capacity
The machine is designed to help deliver fast and accurate bevel cuts. That can be a great thing for people who need to do some crown molding. For this Dewalt model, it can cut bevels between 0 and 48 degrees to the left and 0 to 3 degrees to the right. The machine is setup in a way to help increase its capacity, thus making it great for big jobs. You should no trouble working on as many crown-molding projects as possible.

Portable and Compatible with Dewalt Laser
You might not be using it for crown molding alone, but in other applications too. The machine weighs only 35 pounds, making it easily portable to different locations to handle other work. You will still get to use the built-in carry handle for easy lifting of the machine.

For the best accuracy when working on a crown molding activity, you can add a Dewalt laser on the cart when buying this product. The laser system should help both amateurs and pros to easily handle any crown molding activity that you might have.

Powerful 15-amp motor
Crown molding can be a demanding job that needs a miter saw that could deliver more power. Luckily, the DW713 model has a strong motor. The powerful 15-amp motor will deliver an impressive no load speed of 5,000 rpm. With the blades sharpened, you should be able to cut through wood easily when using such a machine.

Setting up the Miter Saw
Setting up the Dewalt DW713 miter saw should not be hard at all. The manufacturer ships the product with all the necessary components that will help in mounting the product. The manual from the manufacturer is still comprehensive to help understand how to put together the different machine parts. Simply follow the product manual to set the machine correctly and faster too.

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