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This is a quick overview of some of the differences between the Bosch Reaxx and the Sawstop JSS-MCA. There are a lot of similarities between the two setups. They have onboard storage, guard systems, rip fences, blade wrenches, and additional blades just in case. But this is meant to be the difference between the two setups. Most of the features that are present on both wont be discussed.

Capacity & Outfeed

The Bosch Reaxx has a dual scale fence with a simple lift red release lever in front of the tool. It has a rip capacity of 25 inches. With its dual fences the material you are using to cut is guided along the fences as the machine is being used.

The Sawstop has a lot of similarities with 25.5 inches for capacity very similar to Bosch. Probably the biggest difference is that it has an additional moveable outfeed which can give it a whopping 18 inches of more room. The best part of this is that this particular feature is standard with the SawStop. While on the Bosch the only way to get it is worth a pricey upgrade.
Accessory storage is the next big difference between the two setups. While the Bosch has moved theirs upfront making it easier to access and providing better safety during use of the equipment. While this benefit is nice the Sawstop has it beaten. There is a very nicely placed side storage compartment, along with a section to hang secure blades with quick release on the back. To add to it there is room for brake fluid and hex tools as well.

Securing the accessories and tools is pretty good on all of the equipment. The biggest difference is how the fence is secured. The Bosch gets clamped on underneath, which is really awkward the first few times you do it but once you get used to it it works fine. The Sawstop is slide and lock, both are secure and don’t move as long as they are properly fastened before beginning work.
There are safety features on both to help prevent serious injury though you should really look further into this in a more in depth analysis. These are very important features and must be taken seriously and while they both provide a great degree of safety to anyone using the equipment.

Adjusting the blade height is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Not everything you cut is going to have the same height so adjustments will need to be made during a job. The Bosch has what you are used to seeing, regular controls with twentyish turns to from full bottom to full top. The Sawstop is nice in that it only requires one turn. The beauty of this really shines when you realize how easy it is to adjust. Blade angel is also simple and easy and there are knobs for finer tuning of the equipment.

Performance is pretty similar and you will need to experiment with both pieces of equipment to really tell the difference. Once again this article was meant as a primer in learning about Bosch and Sawstop so far Sawstop is in the lead but you should always fully test equipment before making a large purchasing decision.

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