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The Craftsman 21236 10 inch Compound Miter Saw comes with a 15amp motor at 120V. The motor comes with a power of 4800RPM. The 10” saw comes with a 40-T carbide blade which remains sharp for longer and delivers accurate cuts.  As you may expect from the manufacturer, the saw also comes with some advanced technologies which are added to improve the overall experience. These technologies include the laser guiding which can further improve the accuracy of your results. With a lightweight construction, the saw represents one of the most interesting choices in terms of mobility and long-term performance.


  • 28lbs weight
  • Aluminum construction
  • 15amp motor
  • 40-T carbide blade


  • Too light for some users


The performance of the saw recommends it among the top options for lightweight construction. The interesting aspect of the saw is that it still comes with a durable construction, even with the compact design.

The miter saw is made from die-cast aluminum. The material represents a top option for both durability and weight control. This is why the lightweight construction of the saw can be a great addition for anyone looking to travel or get a mobile saw. With a weight of just over 28lbs, it represents a top option for users who need to stay on the road. While it may not be the best option in a fixed location, it can be one of the top options for changing locations. The good news is that even with such a low weight, the saw can offer a great durability. For example, the 40-T carbide blade can represent a good option for durability and sharpness compared to other alternatives.

The 15 amp motor comes with a power of 4800RPM. This situates it among the best options on the market and it can this be considered as a recommended choice especially when it comes to measuring the ratio of power to weight.


The design of the saw is minimalistic and aims to reduce its weight. This is why the aluminum construction is essential for this purpose. Even more, you will get other accessories to get you started. These include AAA batteries, a clamp, a dust bag and even a dust bag. You`ll thus have everything you need for the minimalistic setup and for your first job.

The Craftsman 21236 Compound Miter Saw represents an interesting option for the user who is looking to maximize the use of modern designs in compact packages. This is why the miter saw represents a top option if you are looking for a tool which is easy to carry and which you’ll be able to carry on your own from job to job. With good durability and a powerful motor, you will get everything you need for your first job. This means that you will get to use a precise tool which also comes with everything you need to get started. It can thus be a recommended option even for the new user looking to get the first miter saw.

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