Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review


At first look, it might not seem like a mean machine that can handle everything. But the moment you get to use it, then you will see that it can accomplish much. Its simplistic look makes it one of the most liked variable speed scroll saw. Let us see why it is even liked more by other users.

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The capacity

Anyone who is going to buy the best scroll saw would want to be sure about the capacity available with using such type of scroll saw. The throat depth of this model is 20 inches. Such a distance is quite generous and will allow for the user to work freely on the larger pieces of workpieces. In most cases, the users would need around 16 inches to 18 inches of throat depth for working. Having a nice extra space should be great for maneuverability.

Another thing that affects the capacity is the depth of a cut. This is simply the thickness of the material that the scroll saw can easily cut. Having the saw cutting more thickness is always better. This Delta model is rated to have a depth of cut of 2 1/8 inches. This should be enough to easily cut through an average wood plank with no problems.

The accuracy

The accuracy is what can make a person choose the scroll saw or not. The accuracy of the scroll saw is often affected by the blade, speed and maneuverability. The blade used for this model is thin enough to allow the user to cut through the materials with great precision and control too. The blade can easily be changed thanks to the use of the tool-free blade system. You will just have to unclamp the blade and replace it with the new blade. All of that can be done in a few seconds.

The variable speed control has a control on how to use the model. You simply have to choose the best speed depending on the application. The saw comes with a variable speed frame from 400 to 1750 SPM. Depending on the material, you can choose a slower or faster speed. Material such as the plywood, metal and plastics would need slower speeds, while other materials could use higher speeds.

The maneuverability is another thing that can affect the accuracy of the model. For this model, the blade remains construct when working the workpiece. This means that you can always work around your complex patterns that you need to handle. Such maneuverability of the tool helps with making sure you have the best versatility with the material.

The durability

Anyone would be comfortable knowing that he is buying a durable scroll saw. Well, since the machine comes from DEWALT, you can always expect that it can deliver on toughness and durability. The large table is made from cast iron which is often sturdy and super durable. The table still comes with a polished surface that helps with sliding the workpiece when working on it.


Stability is still important for handling the various workpieces being designed. The use of a thick cast iron table helps with absorbing vibrations. With the minimization of the vibrations, it should leave you with a more stable environment to work. Whenever you have a better control of the material, it will reflect in the results you get once the cutting is done. It is the reason having a solid table can be quite helpful.


  • It has a table that easily tilts for more versatility
  • It comes with multiple features for clean cuts
  • It is easy to use as compared to some other models
  • It has a sturdy table that helps in absorbing the vibrations
  • The flexible dust blower keeps the workstation clean


  • The blade tensioning in this scroll saw needs some experience with it


It might not be the cheapest scroll saw available, but it should be able to deliver on the performance and much more. For those who have not used this type of scroll saw, they can expect that it will have the right features for handling any work that they might have. On overall, it can be great for a seasoned woodworker looking to make complex contours.

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