DeWALT DHS716AB Flexvolt Fixed Miter Saw Review








The DeWALT DHS716AB Flexvolt Miter Saw comes with a vertical capacity against sliding fence. The run time of the saw will be up to 289 cross cuts. The saw also comes with corded and cordless use which makes it a versatile option for all types of users. The good news is that you won`t have to sacrifice power or accuracy with the cordless alternative as the saw is capable of delivering top performance even when on batteries. With a weight of just 44lbs, the saw represents one of the best options for people looking to even come with high visibility bevel adjustments.


  • 289 cross cuts
  • Corded and cordless design
  • 44lbs weight


  • Batteries and dual fast charger sold separately


The performance of the saw impresses in all situations. DeWALT’s quality line of saws is one of the most interesting performers on the market. The saw will work to a high standard which sets a quality bar that is hard to match by the competition.

The good news is that you can enjoy this performance with corded and cordless use. One of the main characteristics of the series comes with this design which sees the saw as a good option regardless of the power source. Even more, you`ll be able to use the tool with its 120V maximum power with the brushless motor that outperforms the brushed alternatives.


With just 44lbs, the saw represents one of the most interesting choices for a light performer that is capable of cutting up to 289 cross cuts in the baseboard. As some other models from the manufacturer, the saw also comes with an adjustable miter plate. The stainless steel miter plate comes with the left and right adjustability of 60 degrees and 50 degrees which means you’ll get more precision and an improve performance for many cuts.

One of the most interesting designs and performance characteristics comes with the adjustable battery compatibility. The FlexVolt technology is one of the top choices is you want to save money on batteries across the range from DeWALT. The unique system developed by the manufacturer comes with an automatic adjustment depending on the tool you are using. Thus, you`ll be able to use it for the 20V tools but also for the more powerful options at 60V and 120V. This represents one of the top choices if you need energy-efficiency. One of the drawbacks of the saw is that the batteries are not included and you`ll need to purchase them separately together with a fast charger.

The DeWALT DHS716AB Flexvolt Miter Saw comes with an interesting performance which represents a top choice for users who want to control the cutting experience. With a light design of just 44lbs, it will perform at a top level with base cuts and it will be one of the better options in terms of miter plate adjustability. Together with the FlexVolt batteries, it can be a great solution for your cutting needs and all of your tools from DeWalt.

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