DeWALT DHS716T2 Flexvolt Miter Saw Review








The DeWALT DHS716T2 Flexvolt Miter Saw comes with a good starter pack which is a great option for new users. The saw comes with a miter saw, a blade, a dust bag and a wrench. The pack also includes 2 powerful batteries and a fast charger. This will be one of the best choices when you plan to use a versatile saw which will comes with the versatile FlexVolt batteries. The batteries are known for the adjustable voltage which ranges from 60V to 120V and can save you energy more than any other battery on the market.


  • Good starter pack
  • Includes two Li-Ion batteries
  • Flexible power


  • Just one handle

The saw comes with a versatile design which is great for a corded and a cordless use. This means that the saw will work plugged into the wall but it will also work without a power cord. This is due to the versatile design which also works on batteries. The good news is that the pack comes with two batteries which should provide an increased energy-efficiency. Even more, the saw is compatible with the FlexVolt technology. This technology represents the innovate feature which DeWalt uses and most users are tempted by. Its adjustable voltage technology means that you can use the batteries from the 60V to 120V.

The adjustable battery is one of the most interesting characteristics of the saw and this is why it will be a good option if you are looking to maximize the energy independence. This is why you will see many users who want to perform various tasks who would like to save energy when needed. You don`t actually need 120V for all the jobs and this is why the manufacturer has included this versatility in its line of saws.


The design of the saw allows its 120V motor to be far superior in run time. This is based on the brushless design which will perform better than brushed alternatives. As you might expect from the manufacturer, the saw also comes with the adjustable miter plate design. You will be able to adjust this plate left and right to your advantage and you`ll thus be able to work on the finer details. The adjustable stainless steel meter can be adjusted 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. This increased capacity will work to the advantage of the user and this is why the saw will be recommended for those who want to use it as a first option.

The DeWALT DHS716T2 Flexvolt Miter Saw is one of the best options if you are looking for DeWALT quality and need a good starter pack. The manufacturer offers a good starter pack which will work to your advantage as you will be ready to go from the start. With two included batteries and a fast charger, you will be able to use the saw in multiple situations and you`ll be able to maximize the performance of the innovative batteries with a reduced charging time.

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