DeWALT DHS790AB FlexVolt Miter Saw Review








The DeWALT DHS790AB FLEXVOLT 120V Miter Saw comes with a double bevel compound sliding miter. With a runtime which is improved due to the 120V brushless motor, you`ll be able to use the cordless design as a corded tool. The good news is that the saw comes with an included adapter, while for the batteries and the fast charger you will need to make an extra purchase. It might be worth it in the end, as you may pair the saw with the FlexVolt, the first battery in history that comes with an adjustable voltage. This is one of the main performance drivers of the manufacturer and can be a great addition to the DHS790AB.


  • 120V brushless motor
  • Cordless and corded design
  • Steel miter dent plate with 11 detents


  • Batteries and fast charger sold separately


The saw comes with a flexible design. It will allow you to use a corded or a cordless performance which can add to the overall versatility and can be one of the interesting options for people looking to work around the house and save on energy while increasing independence.

The good news is that the saw is made from good materials as well. This is also the case of the miter dent. The steel miter dent plate comes with 11 detents and can be a fantastic option for people looking for good adjustability. The steel plate can be adjusted 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left providing optimum cutting angles which are hard to match, especially with the innovative battery system.

The battery is one of the most interesting options from the manufacturer which offers adjustable voltage. This means you’ll be able to control the voltage from 60V up to 120V depending on your working needs.


The innovative design and battery performance of the saw represents a solid option if you plan to use a tool which comes with good energy independence. But one of the most interesting design characteristics comes with the ability to choose between a corded and a cordless design. This will prove to be a great addition which can deliver similar performance without any cables. If you plan to work around your home or even in a professional environment, the saw will prove to be a solid option either as a first tool or as a versatile backup.

The DeWALT DHS790AB Miter Saw comes with some of the most popular features from the manufacturer. The quality is what the fans of the manufacturer expect. The only downfall comes with the extra purchase you`ll have to make for the battery. The fast charger also comes as a separate purchase. If you don’t mind this, you can enjoy a complex tool which will work to deliver a versatile experience which is great for energy-saving. The saw comes with durable materials such as the steel miter dent plate which will prove to be a great addition for the users who plan to use the tool for years to come.

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