DeWALT DW717 Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review








The DeWALT DW717 10-Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw comes with a complex design and a top level performance. With an innovative design based on 7 repeatable stops, you’ll be able to multiply the cuts with great accuracy. The adjustability is based on a high performing industrial design. Two rails with innovative clamping and linear ball bearing will offer you the adjustability and the smoothness you need for the finer details. The cross cut has also been regarded as best in its class and it may represent a good option if you are planning to purchase a versatile saw.


  • 7 positive stops with bevel detent
  • Horizontal linear bearings
  • Best cross cut capacity


  • Could use a side handle


The performance of the saw impresses with the combination of new and proved technologies. It uses some of the most interesting characteristics from the manufacturer and also bases its results on some already proven technologies. The versatility of the saw represents a good option if you plan to use it in multiple situations. The saw comes with one of the most acclaimed cross cutting. At and 45 degrees angle, you’ll be able to use the device for a large number of cutting needs.

Vertical cuts are also handled with ease and for this purpose you can use one of the handle of the saw. But you can also optimize the miter up to 60 degrees to the left and 52 degrees to the right.


The design of this double bevel sliding compound miter saw comes with all the modern features you might expect. Although it may lack additional gripping options, it follows the direction in the series from this perspective. It is also important that although the saw is heavier than some alternatives from the manufacturer it is still lightweight at 51lbs. Even more, it represents a good option if you plan to use it in an environment where you’d need to change your location many times. This is why, even with a dedicated stand from the manufacturer, it is still light enough to be move by a single person. It will also represent a good option if you plan to use it various locations.

The DeWALT DW717 Miter Saw represents a solid option for those who want to maximize the versatility of a top saw with a lightweight design which is only capable of being offered by the top manufacturers. With cut vertical and cross cutting abilities, the saw represents a solid option for people looking to gain more independence in terms of mobility. The smoothness of the saw is also quite impressive. It is based on the horizontal liner bearings which will make the user experience better than most of the alternatives. Even more, this will allow you to work with improved precision and a situation where you would have to concentrate on finer results. The saw thus represents a versatile option which is not only modern and up to date with the latest requirements in the field but is also built with a lightweight design.

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