DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review


The DEWALT DW788 is what you need for handling various wood projects. It is able to deliver the best performance most users are always looking for. Let us get to look at what makes it great on overall.

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Unique arm design for better cuts

The scroll saw is always supposed to deliver the best performance at all times. You will not have to worry any lapses in performance when you get to choose this type of model. It comes with a unique parallel link arm design that delivers on more accurate and trim pieces. The use of the arm designed arm pivots will help shorten the distance the arm has to move all the time end to end. The result of the reduced distance is that you have a quicker sawing operation that is still smoother.

Another thing to note with the arm is there is less vibration. The less vibrations help to user to end up producing fine and accurate cuts all the time. The arm will still keep the blade perpendicular to the work piece so that you reduce the chances of over cutting or under cutting.

Easy handling with variable speed control

We can all admit that the design of the arm makes it easy to use the model, but also the variable speed control is another thing to keep in mind too. The variable speed control is all electronic making it easy to make the right adjustments and also it faster. The user can utilize speeds from 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. You simply have to choose the best speed depending on what you are working on.

The saw relies on using a dependable 1.3-amp motor. The motor is strong enough to deliver the right SPMs depending on the user needs. The amp is strong enough such that it presents controlled work performance and help the user end up with cleaner results.

On overall, controlling the machine should not be hard. It comes with convenient controls that will always keep the workflow smooth. All the necessary controls of the machine are placed in arm’s length so that you can use them easily. Having a flexible dust blower is important so that you can easily direct the blower to where you want it to blow. This should help keep the work surface clear of any unwanted debris.

Tool free blade changes

One thing that most people often dread would be the changing of the blade. If you cannot do it correctly, then you end up with a machine that is always malfunctioning. You are in luck with this model as it does not need any tools to change the blade. With the blade clamps lifted from their position, you can now switch and install a new blade just like that in seconds.

It is not just the blade changing method that is simple, you can still enjoy using the arm to get it into position as it is lightweight. This makes it quite easy to thread the blade to go through the materials first for making the inside cuts.

The scroll saw comes with a heavy duty and sturdy look and feel. It is exactly what you would want to see in such type of product. It simply means that the model works great and can always deliver on the performance needs of many users. The table is made of cast iron and large enough to support different work pieces that you might need handling. Since the table can bevel 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right, it is able to offer a lot more versatility.

The manufacturer offers an impressive 3-year warranty on the model. It also comes with a one-year free service contract and also a 90-day money back guarantee. This should be incentive enough to start thinking about getting your own machine of this nature.


  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with an oversized table
  • It has a reliable motor


  • It tends to vibrate more at certain speeds

It is a great model that will always deliver on your needs for a scroll saw. It features the best performance features that can get you working on various pieces with ease and accuracy. Get one for yourself today.

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