DeWALT DWX725 and DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stand Review








The DeWALT DWX725 and DeWALT DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stands are a good option in terms of versatility and weight support. They are easy to use and one of the best options in terms of weight management.

DeWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand

The miter saw stand comes with a simple and durable design. The stand represents a good option if you are looking for an aluminum design which will work to enhance the overall lightness while not sacrificing weight performance. Thus, the stand comes with a weight of just over 15lbs which makes it one of the lightest options on the market. Many new users might think this is not enough to hold considerable weights but the stand can handle weights of up to 1000lbs.

In terms of design, the stand comes with leg lock levers and interestingly, it also comes with a handle mounted in the center on the beam. This built-in handle is one of DeWALT’s top offering and it manages to provide a good solution in terms of mobility.

DeWALT DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stand

The stand represents a good option if you are also looking to use as a support for a saw. With two included mounting brackets, it represents one of the best solutions for people who need an extra versatility. This is why, when compared to the DWX725, you`ll actually be able to mount a saw on the stand.

The weight progress is not substantial however. It only comes with a weight of 17lbs. This is due to the chosen aluminum materials which are known for good weight capacity while coming with a lightweight approach. You`ll also be glad to know the stand is easy to use and mount. Even more, if you are worried about transportation, the stand also comes with the built-in handle. This will help you carry it to your car and to the working location. The stand is also quite compact and this means that it will not take too much space in your car or in a storage facility. Unlike many other stands which try to complicate the designs, DeWALT has managed to manufacture a design which is simple and very effective.

Both stands represent a good option for most users. They can be used at home or even for commercial purposes as they each come with a weight capacity of 1000lbs. Even more, they will be considered among the top choices for durability. It is difficult to find a better performer on the market.

If you are worried about which design to choose, it will all depend on your saw needs. If you have a saw and need a good platform you can choose the DWX725B as your go-to option every time you have serious work to do. If you don`t have a saw or already have a stand for it, you can choose the DWX725 which will work great to support all the weight you need to complete any home or commercial task.

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