DeWalt Miter Saw Vs. Hitachi Miter Saw

If you are looking to cut wood, there is the need to ensure that you have the right tools. Some applications might need the use miter saw in the place of regular saw blade. The miter saw is known to deliver the best results in applications it is needed most. The miter saw helps you to cut the wood at different angles, thus making great cuts. With such applications, you can expect the market today will have many miter saws to choose from. It gives a user a hectic time to find the right miter from the many available. However, two models that stand out include DeWalt and Hitachi miter saws.

These two brands can easily go head on and it will be hard to decide which of the two is the best. Below are some comparisons between these two brands to understand what each has to offer to users.

DeWalt Miter Saw
Most of the DeWalt miter saw models have bagged impressive ratings on Amazon. Most of them have 4.5 out 5 stars. Which such rating, it is intriguing to know why many people would want to buy such a miter saw today. The main reason behind all these great ratings is that the number of features that saw brand has to offer. To start us off, it is the ability of the saw to operate within 7 positions. Not many brands can boast of having such capabilities. With such operating positions, it is easy to guarantee accuracy even when working on a complex design.

Still on the DeWalt miter saw, it comes with a stainless steel detent system. This system has additional 11 stops that serve the purpose of having precision cutting. You would still have the chance to carve out an impressive design that seems impossible with such precision cutting. The stainless steel construction is what you would need in a machine that will have to handle repeated cutting. The steel will provide better durability than most metals.

Other notable features with DeWalt miter saws include the capability to turn from 0 to 60 degrees to either side left or right. You can also expect a strong motor from DeWalt that can run up to 3800 RPM and work for a long time with such speeds.

Hitachi Miter Saw
This brand is the strongest competitor that DeWalt has to face each passing day. The Hitachi brand brings a number of features to the table that are worth mentioning. For their best feature, the company offers miter saws that can have a strong motor. This motor can crank out amazing speeds of 4000 RPM. That is much faster than what DeWalt has to offer.

The Hitachi miter saws come with micro bevel adjustment capability. This is a technique used in enhancing the accuracy of the machine. You can easily work on a complex design by adjusting the machine to meet your needs. Other than just accuracy, the technique still has many other applications that can benefit from using it.

The Hitachi miter saws have other impressive features that make it popular among many users. It is easy to find a Hitachi miter saw model having 4.5 out 5 stars on Amazon. This is equally as good as getting the DeWalt miter saw.

When it comes to DeWalt miter saw vs. Hitachi miter saw, it is a tight race. They both have some prominent features in common that sets them apart from other brands. Such features include large RPM, dust collection mechanism among others. As much as they look the same, DeWalt offers more features and functionalities. You can expect more people to go for DeWalt miter saw brand than the Hitachi miter saw brand.

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