Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 Review


Cutting steel is not just done by any other tool you might have used before. You need a product that can handle the strong almost indestructible nature of steel. In such a case, you will need a tool such as the Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Cutting Saw to get the job done. The manufacturer knew the amount of work it has to handle, so the company made it stronger than any chop saw you have used before. The strong construction and many other features have made the product quite famous among many people who would want to use it.

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High industrial quality

Anyone would want a product that can deliver on the best quality when it comes to construction. This one is made to accommodate a mild steel blade which should be sufficient for different cutting needs around the workshop. The blade is made strong enough so that you can even handle 1000 cuts before you can make a replacement. You will not have to keep on buying new blades, thus you will have a chance to save on your workshop money.

Virtually no sparks

Sparks sometimes make people fear the use of such type of power tools. That should no longer be a problem with this model. The lack of sparks makes it quicker and safer to use even for people new to using it for the first time. It is also seen to be accurate and more economical than when using an abrasive saw. It is nice to use it when cutting steel as the product delivers on a workable finish. You will actually see no sparks or blurs which are common in abrasive saws.

Easily adjustable

Making the adjustment to a machine can make it work on various applications that you want. This one comes with a fast action swivel vise that enables you to cut at different angles from 0 to 45 degrees. It should not be hard to handle some of the complex designs that you might have in mind. The Hi-torque gearbox is important to reduce the motor load and improve the performance even easily. There is a pullout collection tray which makes it easy for you to dispose the metal chips.

Full blade range

There are quite a number of blade range you can use with this model. It can use cut steel, stainless steel, thin steel, and aluminum blades. With this many options available to use, you should have no trouble working with such a power tool. You simply have to switch from one blade to another to make it suitable for the application. It is the reason most people referred it to as the best in the cutting technology.


  • It offers high grade industrial metal cutting strength
  • It can cut steel and other metals cold without the need of a coolant
  • It does not produce sparks when cutting metals as compared to the abrasive saws
  • It lasts for long thanks to its strong construction both for the body and blade


  • The tool is heavy to use for continuous cutting
  • It has massive amounts of vibrations when cutting a hard metal

Maintenance Tips

Being a power tool, you have to make sure that it gets the right maintenance before you can actually have it working for longer. Make sure that you clean the debris from the metals off the tool to keep it working properly.

Still on maintenance, make sure to keep the teeth sharp at all times. This will involve grinding them so that you have an easy time cutting through steel or any other metal.


You can imagine having to use the blade to cut 1000 cuts of mild steel before replacing it. Those are quite a lot of cuttings you need to go through before making a change to the blade. Many people would take the tool without any further consideration. Even with a look at the other types of features of the product, you will always see that it is something that you can use every day in your workshop. You will still be able to cut the dry metal without having to use a coolant, which often messes up the workspace. Get it today to experience more benefits of such a product.

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