Hitachi C8FSE Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review








The Hitachi C8FSE 9.2 amp 8 1/2″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw is one of the powerful options for commercial use. The saw is really aimed at intense use and can represent a great option for both vertical and angled cutting. The tool comes with a powerful motor of 1050W which will ensure you’ll be able to cut with high precision. The saw will work with the most materials of up to 312 mm as it comes with the two horizontal rails. With a weight of only 31lbs, it represents one of the best options for people looking to maximize the combination of power and control.


  • 1050W motor
  • 312mm horizontal rails
  • Light design at 31lbs
  • Linear ball bearing slide


  • Too light for some users


The performance of the saw comes to meet the high expectations from the fans of the manufacturer. You`ll be able to use its powerful motor in a number of situations and the good news is that you’ll be able to use it for a longer period of time. This is practically one of the best solutions in terms of a light design since the powerful motor will balance the experience to your advantage.

The good news is that with the linear ball bearings design you’ll be able to use it with a smooth experience which will even work for detailed jobs. Vertical cuts and angled cuts are also possible. Thus, you’ll be able to cut to an angle of 48 degrees to the left and 5 degrees to the right. The saw will also perform at a high level with vertical cuts with an upper limit of 312mm.


The design of the saw recommends it for all types of situations where you would have to use a lightweight tool for the total control that you need with finer results. This is why the reduced weight of just 31lbs can recommend the saw as one of the top options when you plan to move it from place to place often. This thus recommends it for a number of situations where you will move it from one job to another and the good news is you`ll be able to work with it in multiple locations as you won`t need a dedicated transportation option.

The Hitachi C8FSE Miter Saw is one of the most interesting options for the new user. It combines a powerful motor of 1050W with a lightweight design of 31lbs. And this combination will work to maximize its capacity beyond the classic approach which can be found on the market. Thus, you’ll be able to work with multiple situations which will fit the 312 mm horizontal guard. With left and right miter plate adjustments, you`ll also be able to work on some situations which can`t be achieved with other models on the market. Although the right adjustment is limited, the left angled cutting is well capable of working to any standard as it will reach an angle of 48 degrees, which means it will work well for most situations.

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