Milwaukee Tool 48-08-0550 Miter Saw Stand Review








The Milwaukee 48-08-0550 Miter Saw Stand comes with an impressive weight capacity and an intuitive design which makes it one of the attractive options for most users of any level. The stand can handle weights of up to 550lbs which makes it one of the top choices for heavy materials and saws. It even comes with expandable steel rollers of up to 9.5’ which will prove to be a great design feature to handle larger materials.


  • 550lbs weight capacity
  • 5’ steel rollers
  • Rubbers wheels for portability
  • Easy storage


  • No top handle for transportation


The stand represents one of the interesting options for the heavy-duty jobs. Since it comes with an increased weight capacity of 550lbs it represents one of the best options in terms of weight management. It will even handle more weight than the average alternative on the market and this means it can be a great solution if you plan to use it for complex jobs even for commercial purpose. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot also use it at home, but its main capacity lies in the commercial-grade build.

The stand comes with a weight of just over 56lbs. And this is not too much when you consider its sturdiness and adjustability. One of the main characteristics of a stand is its ability to maintain a strong base for the saw while minimizing the overall weight. The Milwaukee Tool 48-08-0550 Miter Saw Stand represents one of those well-balanced options which are truly made for performance. As many users find out, a bad stand will only be visible when it’s already too late and this is why you want to find a solution which will provide the weight support you need while also not being too heavy to carry from one job to another.


The design of the stand comes with a simplistic approach which will fit most modern miter saws. The stand also comes to meet the needs of modern users who only have finite space for equipment storage. This is why you’ll also be able to store it vertically and the great news is that this can prove to be a good design feature if you are a dedicated user and have multiple tools and reduced storage space.

The Milwaukee Tool 48-08-0550 Miter Saw Stand also comes with rubber wheels. This small addition can prove of great help when you try to move the stand on location. You can now do this with minimum noise and the good news is that you’ll also be able to find a great solution for your mobile needs on larger working sites. The stand is made from steel which is one of the simplest and most effective materials in terms of durability. With an expandable design, you will be able to use it for larger materials as well. As an overall perspective, the stand offers a great choice for any type of user and can be of great help if you need a considerable weight capacity.

Milwaukee Tool also has an awesome folding stand.  You can check out the Milwaukee 48-08-0551 here.

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