Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 2733-20 Miter Saw Review








The Milwaukee 2733-20 M18 FUEL Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw comes with a lightweight design which makes it perfect for the users who need a versatile solution. With a weight of just 28lbs with the batteries, the miter saw represents the perfect option if you want a mobile solution. Even more, it can work for professional who need to change locations and want a tool which will not be too heavy to move. The cordless design which is powered by 18V batteries will come with an impressive performance. Thus, you’ll be able to perform up to 600 cuts on a single charge.


  • 28lbs weight
  • Cordless design
  • Up to 600 cuts on a single charge
  • Vertical, horizontal and nested down cut capacity


  • No laser measurement


The performance of the miter saw recommends it as a perfect solution for a first purchase or as a mobile tool. With a weight of just 28lbs, the miter saw represents a top option for many types of users. While it may not work for the average user on the market, it might work for those looking for a specialized design.

From the selection of cordless designs, it might be among the lightest options and this means it will represent a great purchase for the first-time buyer but at the same time it can work as a backup tool when you need to travel considerable distances and you just cannot afford to use a heavy design. With a strong motor that delivers a performance of up to 5.000RPM, the saw can be considered a powerful tool, especially in such a compact package.


The design of the miter saw immediately recommends it for a lightweight approach. But you’ll also get some other accessories which will complete the whole package. They include a blade wrench, a clamp and a carbide triple blade. This means you’ll have most of the things you need to get started apart from the charger which you’ll need to purchase separately. With vertical, horizontal and nested down cutting capacity, the saw represents a good option in terms of portability and even durability. This is why the manufacturer offers its impressive warranty from the range with the miter saw. Thus, you’ll enjoy a warranty of up to 5 years.

The Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 2733-20 Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw represents one of the best solutions for traveling jobs or tasks. You won’t need to carry heavy equipment anymore and you also won’t need to always look for wall plugging. The cordless design recommends the saw as one of the top options for energy independence. Even more, you’ll be able to perform various cuts with the powerful motor which recommends it among the top options from the manufacturer and one of the interesting options in terms of performance with a cordless design. The miter saw will work with 18V batteries to a high standard and you’ll be able to cut through various materials without sacrificing performance.

If you are looking for more than just the miter saw and want to save some money check out the Milwaukee 2733-21 Kit which comes with the batteries, charger and blade.

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