Miter Saw Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

Miter saws are only great based on the cleaning and maintenance applied to them. If you want the miter saw to work for you, then consider taking great care on the saw. Most people who take great care of their machines can agree that it is quite easy for the machine to keep on delivering the best quality when it comes to operations. Cleaning and maintenance should be done in accordance to how the manufacturer explains. Follow the steps given by the manufacturer to ensure that cleaning is done correctly. Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your miter saw.

Removing Debris And Dust Particles
You need to take this as your first step of cleaning your miter saw. You have to ensure that no debris is on the machine since the last use. It is always better if you can clean such debris and dust particles as soon as you are done with your work for the day. The most recommended method is through using compressed air to blow off the dust and debris from the machine. Pay more attention to the moving parts to ensure that all the particles are eliminated.

Cleaning the Cutting Table And Fences
Most people tend to ignore the table and fences when cleaning their miter saw components. These parts need all the attention just like any other part of the machine. You need to get a scotch bright pad to clean the table and fence. You might have to buy one if the pad is not available in the house or workshop. The pad is cheap and can be found in any hardware shop near you. Clean the table and fence in a circular motion to effectively remove all the dirt. Apply more force and time to the caked particles to ensure they are completely removed.

Sharpening The Blades
As part of maintenance, sharpening the blades is important for the saw functionality. It is easy to work with sharpened blades rather than the blunt blades. You might have to buy some supplies to help with sharpening the blades. Consider getting a diamond file that is necessary for filling the teeth to make them sharp. When sharpening the teeth, ensure that each tooth is well filed to a point where they are all sharp. Be careful with the sharpened teeth. Some end up getting injured because they want to feel the sharpness with their fingers. Do not do the same.

Maintaining the moving parts
The moving parts have to be maintained to ensure that the machine works properly. The moving parts are likely to have wear and tear due to friction. Using lubricants should be the best option when it comes to reducing the wear and tear. Do not use cheap lubricants that might make the parts to corrode rather than help them. Consider buying high quality lubricants are advised by the manufacturer. Without a doubt, well maintained moving parts will last for a long time. You will not be looking to buy a new miter saw any time soon.

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