Portamate PM7000 Review


If you are looking for a best miter saw stand or workstation, the portamate PM-7000 should do the work for you. It is made to be ideal for the contractors and those looking to work on some personal projects. The workstation is designed to work with most makes of miter saws that you might have today in your workshop. Its quick and universal mounts capability makes it the best and easiest workstation to use today with different miter saws you might have. It is also a heavy duty product made to handle your daily needs of having a great product that works on your needs as a worker in the workshop.

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Easy Set Up process

The manufacturer made it easy to roll it out and set up everything in a matter of a few minutes. You can now use it transform your garage into a great workshop for you to work on your different projects. Its multi-functionality has made it possible to use different types of saws on it so that you can easily work on different projects. Some of the common saws to use on it include band saws, scroll saws, miter saws and many others.

Rugged construction

To make it stronger and durable, the manufacturer made it to be rugged using the aluminum material. It can also be expanded to make it easy work on the long moldings or deck boards. It comes featuring four outlet power center that makes it better for convenience and safety. Its ergonomic design makes it great to use the product without having to strain your back when working on a single project for a long time. With the correct use of the product, you can be sure that it will deliver on many years of service.

Easier mobility

For easier mobility, you will get a nice set of 8-inch diameter wheels. They will help you easily store the product even in tight spaces. You get a storage compartment that anyone would want to keep their pencils and keys. The stand’s legs can be folded easily to reduce the space it takes up when transporting or storing the product.


The product is designed to have a nice worklight for you to work on different projects in the cases of long working hours or a poorly lit room. The worklight is made to be bright enough to deliver on the best visibility that you will need working on different projects.


  • Strong construction makes the product to be reliable and used in different cases without breaking
  • The product is made to be universal and flexible so that different types of miter saws can be mounted on it
  • It comes with a storage compartment so that you can store different types of tools, pencils and keys.
  • The ergonomic design has helped many people to avoid cases of having a back injury and instead be able to work on their projects for long hours.


  • Most people feel that it is too expensive for its worth


For a person who does not need to move the stand on a daily basis could really enjoy using this type of product. Many people who have used it before will always end up leaving more positive reviews about it. The idea of making its legs to fold up makes it great for storage. You can have an easy time storing it in the tight spaces in your workshop or garage. Since it can handle being mounted by different types of miter saws, its use has been made to be unlimited. Get it today to also enjoy the many benefits the product has to offer.

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