Review: Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand


When it comes to woodworking, a miter saw is the most vital power tool in a craftsman’s arsenal. It saves time, materials and maximizes precision. That being said, even a top-of-the-line saw doesn’t imply perfect performance. Numerous factors can decrease the consistency and accuracy of a miter so. And, although there’s no clear consensus on what these factors are, most professionals agree that a lack of reliable material support is one of the most important ones. It’s no wonder that the large majority of roofers, carpenters and experienced DIY enthusiasts own a miter saw stand.’

Using a miter saw stand not only maximizes material support, but also simplifies transporting and storing a miter saw. Choosing one can be confusing, especially for beginners or those who want a low-cost stand because they don’t use their miter saw often anyway. However, if you are planning on putting your saw to good use, choosing the best stand on the market will save you more time and money in the long-run, while also maximizing your productivity and cut accuracy. And, while the title of “best” miter saw is highly debatable, no one can deny that the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise is the best portable saw stand in the industry.

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Unmatched Versatility
The Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand features a universal mounting system, complete with sliding nuts and heavy-duty fasteners, so there’s no need to wonder whether your saw is compatible. While the mounds are virtually unbreakable, releasing and locking your saw in place is quick and simple – flip the lock-levers up and you’re ready to remove the saw. Shifting the mounds over the middle rail reliably locks the saw in place. Once you do that, you can fold the T4B Gravity-Rise with the saw attached – it will never tip over forward, even in vertical position. The industrial grade, pneumatic wheels make transportation a breeze, regardless of how heavy your saw is. Moreover, you can work in any terrain simply by adjusting the Telescoping Leveling Leg to the uneven surface.

Durable and Full of Innovations
Bosch called their meter saw stand the Gravity Rise for a reason – it uses a unique, state-of-the-art mechanism, which makes bringing the stand into horizontal position easy, even with a 100-pound saw attached. You won’t have any trouble picking up a 12-inch sliding compound saw with one hand! The T4B also comes with two reliable material stops for cutting long stock to equal length, without any measuring necessary. The extensions easily support up to 18 feet of materials. To top it off, the T4B Gravity-Rise has an integrated out feed, which can be height-adjusted for maximum efficiency. Just adjust the extensions, the material stops and the out feed to reduce the whole cutting process down to a single task – operating your saw.

Product Specifications

  • Table Length: 103 inches
  • Weight: 76 ½ pounds
  • Height: 48 ½ inches
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 inches
  • Dimensions when folded (H x L x W): 48.9 x 24.6 x 12.4 inches
  • Warranty: 1-Month “No-Questions-Asked” Refund; 12 months Limited Warranty

Reviews & Conclusion
Bosch made sure they secure the miter saw stand market with Gravity-Rise technology and, since then, added countless improvements and industry leading innovations, Ending up with the T4B. The Bosch stand provides more support then competing models, while also being the most portable. It comes as no surprise that there’s virtually no negative feedback from past buyers. The only drawback mentioned in the reviews is the price, which is 50% higher then lower-quality saw stands. Still, if you want more efficiency, maximized precision and added versatility, you simply will not find it anywhere else. The T4B Gravity Rise is, without question, our top recommendation to anyone looking for a miter saw stand.

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