Review: DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw


When you’re looking for a saw designed to quickly chop through certain materials, one need look no further than the aptly named chop saw. Most chops saws don’t include a wide range of features, primarily because they’d get in the way of its primary operation. Rather, chop saws include just a handful of the most useful features required for quick, safe, and accurate work.

Designed primarily for the purpose of performing crosscuts across a wide range of metal products, chop saws typically include powerful motors, more horsepower than many other types of power saws, and the ability to quickly change blades or wheels to match the task at hand.

The combination of a high-amperage motor, lots of horsepower, and a wide range of sawblades and abrasion wheels at their disposal, chop saws are extremely useful in any metal shop or job where cutting metal is the order of the day.

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Powerful and Versatile
If a chop saw can’t deliver in the power department, it’s probably not worth considering. Fortunately, the DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw is the leader of the pack. Its 15-amp motor delivers a whopping 5.5 horsepower, which in turn results in a no-load operation at an impressive 4,000 rpm. When you need a chop saw to chop through even the toughest materials quickly, this is the saw for you.

The DEWALT D28715 makes short work of rounds up to 5-inches in diameter, as well as rectangular materials up to 4 ½” x 6 ½”, making the right chop saw for cutting through virtually any metallic materials in front you. Top this off with clean, glass-smooth cuts delivered by the long-life abrasion wheels, and you can see why this particular chop saw deserves to be your daily saw.

Only the Features Necessary for the Job
It’s common to think chop saws are primarily used to make 0-degree crosscuts, but in reality metal products are cut at the same angles as wood products. This means you’ll need a chop saw with miter capabilities and a vice system that keeps materials securely in place while being cut. This describes the DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw perfectly.

The tool-free Quick-Fence, a patented design feature, allows the user to quickly setup precise miter cuts from between 0- and 45-degrees. The Quick-Lock vice securely holds various size materials in place, delivering the smoothest, most accurate cuts available while placing a premium on safety.

Add to this the ability to quickly change abrasion wheels without a wrench, and you can see why the DEWALT D28715 chop saw is the one professional craftsmen choose time and again.

Product Specifications

  • Industry leading quick-change chop saw
  • Powerful 15-amp motor provides 5.5 horsepower and no-load operation at 4,000 rpm with overload capacity
  • Easily change blades without a wrench with the Quick-Change blade changing system
  • Quick-Lock vice securely holds a wide range of materials and sizes in place
  • “Soft” start extends both the gear and motor life, ensuring this chop saw will be your daily saw for years to come
  • Quick-Fence tool-free adjustment gets your material accurately in place for miter cuts between 0- and 45-degrees
  • Confidently backed by the DEWALT three-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews and Conclusion
Chop saws aren’t worth the time it takes to write about them if they can’t quickly and safely chop through the materials you face on a daily basis. Fortunately, the vast majority of those who’ve purchased and used the DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw comment on its ability to get through even the toughest metals. It’s powerful, 15-amp 5.5 horsepower motor is the most frequently cited feature, with claims that comparable but less powerful saws can’t stand up to it in side-by-side comparisons.

Because it is an abrasion saw, most customers cite two minor concerns. The first is that it throws sparks. This is to be expected with a grinding wheel on metal, and no abrasion wheel chop saw is without this feature. The other is that it’s loud. Any saw designed to cut through metal will necessarily be louder than traditional wood saws. Please wear hearing protection when operating any saw.

Overall, the DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw is one of the most highly rated and positively reviewed chop saws in the industry. It’s backed by one of the most reliable names in the power tool marketplace, and offers every necessary feature to help you cut through even the most hardened steel in your shop.

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