Review: DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw


A compound miter saw is an indispensable tool. Just lock in a desired angle and you can easily make an accurate cross cut, every single time. Make a few more adjustments and you’re set up to produce smooth, picture-perfect bevel cuts. The DIY capabilities of a CMS are absolutely priceless to amateurs, while professionals value its unmatched versatility precision and accuracy. However, like with most things, not all CMS’s were created equal. And, with all the different models to choose from, choosing the right one can be a huge headache. For the portable (10 inch) models, suited for most jobs, prices range from around $150 to over $600, yet each one claims to be the best.

There are numerous factors to consider before shopping for a portable miter saw. Remember, most 10-inch units aren’t powerful enough for large-scale work. Plus, many CMS’s are too heavy, some lose accuracy with time, others send sawdust and wood chips flying in all directions, and so on. Only one reasonably-priced model has proven to be durable, accurate and powerful – the DeWalt DW713.

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Consistent & Versatile
The DW713 is the only high-power 10 inch CMS that can produce consistently accurate results. This 10-inch saw is powerful enouph to quickly split stacks of baseboard and acurate enouph to produce multiple crown moldings in one “sitting”. On top of that, it’s so light-weight that you can make vertical cuts with one hand tied behind your back!

The powerful DeWalt 15A motor allows you to make quicker cuts, which means increased productivity and fewer backaches. And, with a blade that spins at an impressive 5,000rpm, you end up with smooth edges and accurate results at any reasonable cutting speed. Plus, thanks to the highly-effective dust bag, making many high-speed cuts in a row is a breeze.

Safe & Easy-to-Use
When it comes to power tools, safety is vital. That’s exactly why every miter saw has a fence guard over the blades. The problem is – you can’t see where you are making a cut with the fence in the way! DeWalt’s sliding safety fence eliminates this setback – it slides up just enough to give you a glimpse at your blade when it just enters the wood.
The DW713 is also very user-friendly. Unlike other models, the DeWalt has a highly effective cam-lock handle, which makes for simple angle control and eliminates inaccurate cuts. The miter handle can be moved easily and stays dead-set on any of the 11 positive stops.


  • No load speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Weight: 35 pounds (15.8kg)
  • Warranty:
    • 90-day “no-questions-asked” refund
    • 36-month Warranty
    • 12 months of free maintenance (replacement of worn parts)
  • Blade: 10-inch carbide;
  • Cut Capacity:
    • Vertical: 3 ½ in.
    • Vertical Crown Molding: 4 ½ in.
    • Horizontal: 6 in.
    • Horizontal Crown Molding: 5 ¼ in.
  • Detent Plate: Stainless Steel; 11 stops
  • Fence: 4 ½ in. Adjustable Fence
  • Maximum Miter Cut Degree: 50 (both directions)
  • Accessories: Blade, dust bag and a blade wrench

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion
It didn’t take long for the DW713 to become the favorite portable miter saw for craftsmen everywhere. Years later, customers are still raving about the low-cost, high-quality miter saw. A number of reviewers were genuinely surprized by the saw’s accuracy. A DeWalt DW713 review from a seasoned professional pointed out how this low-cost CMS was an all-around better tool than 2 other, more expensive 10-inch models.

There are some complains about a lack of a built-in laser guide. And sure, it makes work easier, but many people will find it useless on a CMS that features a sliding safety fence. If not, you can always buy the add-on (the DW713 is compatible with DeWalt’s detachable laser guide). Overall, the DeWalt DW713 is, beyond a doubt, an unmatched value. It packs more power than the rest and provides consistently accurate cuts. Anyone who chooses another portable CMS is missing out, big time!

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