Review: DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw


When it’s power you seek in a power tool, one must look at both amperage (amps) and horsepower. The more amps a motor offers, the more power it can deliver, all other things being equal. The more horsepower it offers, the more it can do in less time. Just like a combustion engine, the more horsepower it can deliver, the faster you can get to a certain speed with less effort than a comparable but smaller engine.

If you are considering purchasing a multi-cutter power saw, then you’re in the market for a power tool that offers the same sets of features as several other similar types of saws without the need to make the additional purchases. This is where real power options—amps and horsepower—can make or break your purchase. An underperforming multi-saw can result in frustration on the jobsite or in the workshop, and almost certainly money down the drain.

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Powerful Motor Delivers the Goods
The DEWALT DW872 14-inch Multi-Cutter Saw is an absolute workhorse and will serve just about any cutting purposes you have. Its 15-amp motor is among the most powerful in the industry, ensuring the precise cuts you demand, even with the most challenging materials, including 2″ x 2″ angle iron.

The powerful 4.0 horsepower motor offers no-load operation at a steady 1,300 rpm, guaranteeing a smooth, accurate cut without undue stress or pressure on the material or any moving saw parts. The 14-inch, 700-tooth carbide tipped sawblade quickly gets through 5-3/16-inch round and 4-1/2 x 6-1/2-inch rectangular material, including wood, iron, and steel.

Useful Features that Matter Most

Whether you need to change a sawblade or abrasion wheel quickly, ensure that materials are securely in place before cutting, or locking down a saw for safe transportation, your multi-cutter saw must have features like this in the first place.

The DEWALT DW872 14-inch Multi-Cutter Saw includes these and many other useful and necessary features, making it one of the most useful power tools in your arsenal. The ergonomic design makes gripping the handle comfortable, particularly when moving it from location to location, and the lock pin ensures it won’t open until you’re ready to open it.

The spindle lock makes it a breeze whenever you need to change the blade. Its sturdy base includes four pre-drilled holes to make mounting it—permanently or semi-permanently—on any reliable surface as easy as possible.

Product Specifications

  • Powerful 15-amp, 4-horsepower motor delivers a no-load operation at 1,300 rpm for steady cutting through the toughest materials
  • Versatile enough to attack a wide range of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • 14-inch, 70-tooth carbide tipped sawblade delivers deep, smooth cuts every time for the life of the blade
  • Up to 4 time faster than a chop saw and 8 time faster than a portable band saw when cutting 2″ by 2″ by 1/4 ” angle iron
  • The powerful motor and carbide tipped sawblade work in tandem to deliver burr-free cutting on nearly any material you choose
  • Specially designed fences adjusts to 45-degrees for precise miter cuts
  • The perpendicular clamping system guarantees materials will be securely in place before, duting, and after cutting
  • Back by the DEWALT three-year limited warranty against factory defects and a one-year free service contract for replacement of abnormally worn parts—for free!

Reviews and Conclusion
Purchasers of the DEWALT DW872 14-inch Multi-Cutter Saw comment consistently on the powerful motor and its ability to stay cool even when cutting through the most stubborn materials. The no-load operation at 1,300 rpm is mentioned as the primary reason for this, citing other saws running too hot because of increased speeds.

Purchasers also mention the blades, both abrasion and carbide tipped, not lasting as long as advertised. This could be due to favorable test conditions, excessive and extended cuts into extremely tough materials, or a combination of both. You may get results closer to optimal depending on how you use this multi-cutter.

The bottom line with the DEWALT DW872 Multi-Cutter Saw is that it’s powerful, reliable, includes the widest range of the most useful features in the industry, and is backed by a comprehensive warranty by one of the biggest and most reliable names in the marketplace.

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