Review: Festool Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


The Festool Kapex KS 120 miter saw is rated as the best sliding compound saw that you will ever need. Whether in the hands of a skillful carpenter or a newbie, you should have no issues at all. This is because the machine is easy to use even for people new to such kinds of machines. You can make easy and micro adjustments that ensure you get the best precision that you love. Below you will learn more about the different features that make this miter saw lovable.

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Improved Portability
The complete machine weighs only 47 pounds in weight. This makes it among the lightest miter saw machines around. It is also ergonomically designed to help with carrying from one place to another. This means that you can easily use the product to work on different job sites. When transporting the Festool Kapex KS 120 miter saw, ensure that the Kapex head is locked down. This action will make the machine even more compact ad prevent the blade movement. The handles of the machine keep it close to your body, making it easy to carry the saw without straining your back.

Counter Spring Balanced Bevel
This technique for bevel adjustment can help you work at any angle based on the application at hand. The counter spring capability makes it easy to adjust the angles at any time when switching from one application to another. The bevel gauges found on both sides of the saw provide an easy reference before making any adjustments. The presence of a micro adjustment knob should help you accurately adjust to the smallest angles thus achieving the best precision.

Dust Extraction Port
You would of course want to extract the dust once you are done with the work. The swiveling dust extraction port that will help you remove any dust from the workstation. When you combine the port with an impressive dust extractor, you should be in a position to collect over 91% of the dust around the workstation. Its swivel design helps the user to reach different groves around the machine to extract all the dust.

Dust Hood
Anyone working on wood with a miter saw machine would feel comfortable if the machine has a dust hood. The hood is responsible for directing the sawdust into a dust collection port. You would not want to have dust all over messing up your workstation. The use of a pliable rubber hood makes it possible to collect over 90% of the generated dust. You will definitely have to spend less time cleaning up after using such a feature.

An Ease to Use Control
The control panel of the machine is easy to use for most people. The instructions on the manual is easy to read and understand. You should have an easy time operating the machine in no time. There is also a chart provided with the machine to act as reference when using the machine. You can easily know the type of blade to use for the different applications.


  • The miter saw weighs 47 pounds is the lightest among many saws available
  • The dust hood promises to catch all the saw dust generated thus keeping your workstation clean
  • It works at a relatively low noise level
  • The ergonomic handles come in handy when transporting the machine
  • The micro adjustment knob provides for precision and easy cutting of wood when using this miter saw


  • The saw does not work properly for the thicker woods; you might have to get a bigger saw to do this.

How to Use and Maintenance
It should be easy to use the machine as it comes with a clear manual. Follow the instructions to correctly adjust the angles and other features. Within no time, you should be using the machine to work on complex designs. As part of maintenance, ensure that you keep on sharpening the blades at all times. The sharp blades will provide an easy time when working on the hardwood.

This machine is for people who love compound sliding miter saw machines for doing lighter duties. With its lightweight feature, many people would easily carry it to their workstations without any issues. Use it today to enjoy more features.

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