Review: Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser


Like most power tools, compound meter saws vary depending on their purpose. Most high-capacity, 12-inch saws aren’t fit for the hobbyist due to being too loud, oversized, not user-friendly enough and/or just unnecessary. On the other hand, sooner or later, all DIY enthusiasts realize they need a high-capacity saw to work at maximum efficiency. The average portable unit isn’t very effective when it comes to larger-scale projects. Luckily, there’s an affordable, industrial-grade, 12-inch compound miter saw that meets the requirements of aspiring craftsmen – the Hitachi C12FDH.

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Performance and Accuracy
The 15-amp saw easily cuts through 7 inches of even the toughest materials including oak, maple, hardwood and even aluminum netting. The cutting depth capacity is largely attributed to the Hitachi’s sturdy aluminum-alloy fence, which can be extended by an extra 5.15 inches. And the best part is the way it holds stock in place during cuts. Usually, an expandable fence decreases saw control, while this one actually improves overall stability.

Hitachi designed this 12-in. model with a dual bevel mechanism, a 2-step angle adjustment system and a laser guide for total control and top-notch precision. However, the free 32T blade is meant for heavy duty work. For jobs that require angle-precise measurements, we recommend using a finer (80-120T) blade. Regardless of the blade, smooth cutting action and a high-quality splinter-guard, located in the rear, the resulting edges are always smooth. There are never any splinters or rip marks left over after a cut. Furthermore, the splinter guard reduces airborne dust particles.

Portable & User-Friendly
The 12-inch Hitachi is perfectly fit for advanced-level DIY buffs. It is one of the quietest high-performance miter saws in its category. And, at 46 pounds, the C12FDH makes transportation simple, especially considering its portable size. Surprisingly enough, powering the lightweight miter saw is a high-capacity, 15-amp motor that spins a blade at a speed of 4,000rpm, providing smooth, accurate bevel cuts. Hitachi’s innovative depth-control system allows the user to pre-set maximum cut depth with ease. This feature opens up a wide array of new project ideas, such as book shelves, cabinets, specialty bird houses, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Accessories:
    • 12-inch Hitachi blade
    • Dust Collector
    • Assembly Guide
    • Box Wrench
    • Laser Guide
    • Wrench (hex bar)
  • Min.-Max. Cut Capacity
    • Miter: 0-52 degrees (both directions)
    • Bevel: 0-48 degrees (both directions)
    • Compound: 0-45 degrees
  • Positive Stops: 9
  • No Load Blade Speed: 4,000rpm
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 24.6 in.
    • Length: 30.7 in.
    • Height: 27 in.
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds
  • Size of Arbor: 1.0 inch
  • Warranty: 5-year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Since the customer base of this saw spans such a wide range, there are countless reviews from woodworkers of every skill level. First-time compound meter saw owners are blown away by the capabilities they gained. Meanwhile, seasoned craftsmen and construction experts agree that the Hitachi C12FDH is an amazing value. The toughest critics were apparently disappointed by the complimentary 32-tooth blade. Although, the truth is, all the money they saves by purchasing the Hitachi can buy a lifetime supply of finer saw blades. Anyone who is looking for a reliable, CMS that can be easily transported, needs to try the Hitachi C12FDH.

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