Review: Makita LS0714 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


Miter saws are among the most popular tools being bought each day. This might be because many people are looking to renovate their houses. The Makita LS0714 is what you need when working on different wood applications. Due to its impressive smart technology, many people from different fields can use the saw. Its expansive application capability is what has made it popular among many people. It is still lightweight to promote portability. This means you can always use it at different work sites whenever the machine is needed.

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Get More Power
The LS0714 miter saw is known for its power that you can get to enjoy when using it. Its powerful 10-amp motor produces 6,000 revolutions per minute. This much RPM is important for any miter saw to have improved performance. The machine is still designed to have a non-slip operation even when the device is running at such high speeds. The electronic speed control feature will maintain the saw under the same speed to avoid cases of slips. The soft start technology employed by this machine will make it easy to control the saw.

Smooth and accurate cuts
Anyone would want to have smooth cuts when working with a miter saw. All that is possible if you use the right saw such as the Makita LS0714 miter saw. You should be able to make smooth and accurate cuts thanks to the four steel rails provided with the machine. The aluminum base is also engineered to provide a large base for efficient cutting. You can adjust the degrees on either side of the saw to achieve the best cuts. The saw can go from 0 to 47 degrees to the lift and 0 to 57 degrees to the right.

Lightweight machine
The machine weighs 28.9 pounds, making it quite lightweight. This means that you should have no trouble using the machine at different job sites. You simply have to carry it there and set it up again. The setup process is still quite easy for anyone to attempt. With its increased designed functionality, the lightweight part makes the machine lovable among many people. Simply follow the guide and setting up the machine should not be hard at all.

Built for range of applications
The moment you buy a miter saw, the chances are that you will be using it for different applications in the workshop. The Makita LS0714 miter saw is no different as it is built for multiple applications that you might have. Due to its versatility, remodelers, carpenters, finishers, floor installers and even the general contractors can use the machine. All this is possible due to the continued efforts by the company to ensure that its engineering innovations can actually pay off. More people are now encouraged to buy more of the Makita products to enjoy more of such benefits.


  • You get a perfect interior trim work with this machine
  • Adjusting the saw to fit for different uses is quite easy
  • You should not experience any cases of blade wobbling as commonly seen in other types of miter saw
  • If you keep it sharpened at all times, the cuts expected are smooth and clean
  • The steel poles incorporated in the machine makes it to have a sturdy construction that most people love
  • The strong motor provides enough power needed to use the machine for different applications


  • Some people feel that the slide of the miter saw is not as smooth as expect in its operation.

You would always want the machine to work, as you want so make a point of giving it a proper maintenance. Simply follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to keep the machine working well. If you have to use some lubrication, just ensure it is the recommended brand. Some bogus brands are likely to cause more damage rather than helping the saw to work well.

The Makita LS0714 miter saw is inexpensive and still provides more applications than other miter saws in its category. For that reason, you can see why many people have always chosen this product. You should no reason why all your house improvement projects cannot be done when this machine is available.

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