Review: StableMate PLUS100 Universal Miter Saw Stand


Nowadays, shopping for a miter saw stand tends to be a long, challenging process. There are dozens of similar models, at widely ranging prices, each claiming to be better then all the others. To avoid buyer’s remorse, you need a stand that fulfils all of your needs, at the lowest possible price, without sacrificing durability or support capacity. As such, most people will find that their best option is the StableMate PLUS100 .

At about half the cost of all other comparable miter saw stands, the PLUS100 offers superior support, time-proven durability and a number of truly exclusive features. At first sight, the StableMate is almost suspiciously under-valued. However, the truth is, it’s the other way around – competing miter saw stands are over-priced, mostly because they are name brand products. Why would you pay for a printed logo?

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Trustworthy and Made to Last
The StableMate Plus100 is the only miter saw stand that was designed and manufactured right here in the USA! Some people will argue that “made in china” is nothing more than an outdated stereotype. But, even if American craftsmanship is really dead, shipping costs play a huge role in the sale of heavy-duty tools. Think about how much those brand-name stands really cost. Furthermore, there have been countless reports of unacceptable customer service, as well as denial to fulfil Warranty Agreements, by some of the most well-know foreign manufacturers.

Meanwhile, StableMate created a support structure made out of galvanized steel for a rock-solid, 100% reliable construction. Even the angled brackets, which keep the included material support stable under enormous pressure, are solid steel. The Plus100’s maximum capacity is 500 pounds, though it can easily hold much more weight on the support beam. Unfortunately, even solid steel extension arms will bend under 500 pounds of pressure.

Unique & User-Friendly
Over-seas competitors can never match some of the Plus100’s unique features. Firstly, StableMate’s parts and accessories, such as the attachable Wheel Kit, can be ordered, shipped and delivered to you within a week. That means if you lose a material stop, or another small part, you can replace it without a long wait. Maybe you want to use your miter saw at a distant work site, which is impossible without a Wheel Kit, or you need an extra 6-foot Extension Kit for a large project. Regardless of your needs, there is bound to be a Plus 100 Add-On that can fulfil them.

Another exclusive feature of this stand is the Universal Patented Quick Connect Tool Mounting Kit. Other miter saw stands only claim to fit all miter saw models. In reality, they only work with saws designed for mounting in the front and back of the unit. The StableMate mounting system fits all models, regardless of their design. Plus, the telescoping support legs provide unequalled functionality on uneven surfaces.

Product Specifications

  • Included: 2 Adjustable Stock Supports2 Mounting Clamps
  • Dimensions: 48in. x 72in. x 5in.
  • Table Length (Max.): 114 inches
  • Table Height: 36 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 40 pounds

Customer Reviews & Conclusion
StableMate may not be as well-known as the competing brands but their PLUS100 portable miter saw support stand has already been recognized as one of the best in the category. The vast majority of buyers have left very positive reviews. They love the easy set-up, steel construction and sturdy A-frame design of the stand. Additionally, customers mention the convenient rubber ‘feet’ and long extensions quite a bit. There are some complains about the heavy weight, even though buying the Wheel Kit solves that problem completely. Anyone who wants a high-quality meter saw stand would be missing out if they didn’t try the PLUS100. We recommend it to hobbyists and professionals alike.

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