Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence Review


The evolution of Rikon products has seen the company come up with such great bandsaws. The model is amazingly great when it comes to making sure you can handle your woodwork effectively. You will not have to worry about buying a new model soon as the model is quite durable. Check out more of its features below.

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Built for strength

The band saws always need to be strong machines that can handle the ever-challenging working conditions of a wood workshop. This model is built for strength and also keeping in mind the flexibility. The frame offers you a solid steel design. This is unlike of what you see from the close competitors. The best part is that even the access doors are made of steel to increase the durability. The rotors of the machine are cast aluminum with the table made of cast iron. There is a slit in the table that helps with the easy installation and changing of the machine blade. The additional use of wheels is to offer balance and reduce vibration when operating the machine.

The guide post

On general, the 10-inch band saw comes with an easy to remove mechanism once you need to move the band saw. It is not like those models that would need a lot of work to assemble or dismantle.

There is a guide post important for adjusting the model depending on the job at hand. The use of a clever rack and pinion mechanism keeps it working great. The guide post makes it easy to lower or raise to a point where it is needed.

More power

There is no doubt that the power of any band saw would determine just how much can be accomplished in a workshop. You need to make sure that it comes with the right type of power. This model has a 1/3 HP motor to provide enough power important for handling a variety of jobs. The smaller blade should make working on easier work faster and you can switch to the larger blade that makes handling the tough job easier. All such work is supported by using such a great motor.

With a port connection to a dust hose, keeping your working environment should be free of dust and safe too.


With such machines, the safety can never be underestimated at all times. You always have to keep yourself safe each time you get to use the machine. There is a toggle switch present in the unit to make sure that it does not easily get turned on by accident. All the guides come with roller bearings. The work of the roller bearings at the top and bottom of the work area is to align the blade smoothly during the working of the machine. If you have to make some micro adjustments, you can do so by using the alignment rollers to get the blade running just as the way you want.

Large cast iron table

Depending on the amount of work that you need done, then the cast iron table will always come into play. The large cast-iron table is attached near the center of the table. The overall build of the table is strong to ensure that it can handle more work at any time it is used. The presence of a fence around the cast iron table is something that makes more people want to use it even more. They know that they are protected from the dust and also the blades thanks to the fence.


  • It comes with a great design
  • It offers superior handling
  • It is easy to collect and clean the dust
  • It has a sturdy cast iron table


  • The table slightly vibrates when cutting wood
  • The motor might not handle the large project


It is a great bandsaw for most people who are looking for an affordable model that comes with spectacular features. Checking out any other review, you would see that more people like it for the capabilities it has to offer. With the strong cast iron table, working on various projects should not be a problem. It should always be able to deliver on your expectations.

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