Ryobi P552 Miter Saw Review








The Ryobi P552 18V One+ Miter Saw is one of the choices recommended if you are looking for a compact design. With a lightweight construction, it represents one of the simplest choices for users who need to travel for a job to job or simply prefer the reduced weight of the saw. With a 2X4 and cross cutting capacity, the saw represents an interesting approach for most users. This means you`ll be able to use the typical cutting angles and you`ll be able to perform similar cuts to most alternatives on the market even with a lighter design.


  • Lightweight design
  • Cross cut capacity
  • 2X4 cutting capacity
  • Horizontal D-handle


  • 18V battery not included


The performance of the saw recommends it for various uses and its lightweight design means you`ll be able to carry it with easy from location to location. Although it comes with a compact design, it still manages to perform at a high level. Thus, the saw comes with a 2X4 cutting capacity which is doubled with the cross cutting alternatives. This means you`ll be able to cut with the most popular angles and this will come as a great solution for those looking to purchase a first saw or users who need a solid lightweight backup.

In terms of advanced technologies, the saw also comes with a 9 ball detent stops design which will work for most situations and most angles. This is why it can represent a good solution for those users looking to maximize the performance from a general perspective and not from a specialized saw. The manufacturer thus addressed the needs of most users and created the P552 for fast, clean and precise cuts.


The compact design of the saw recommends it for various uses and especially for traveling people. The good news is that this will create the perfect situation if you want to handle the saw yourself and it can thus be the right choice if you want to limit the weight and pressure on your back while moving the saw from one location to another. The saw also comes with a D-handle but its design is horizontal. While you can find that many other alternatives come with a vertical handle, the horizontal option might take some time to get used to, especially if you are switching from a vertical design. The good news is that you’ll be able to use the horizontal design for both power and precision with your cuts.

The Ryobi P552 18V One Plus Miter Saw represents one of the most interesting choices for users who are specifically looking for a lightweight construction. In many cases, this can come with some sacrifices in terms of performance but the P552 doesn’t make any sacrifices in its design. The saw is also recommended for users who need to perform some typical cuts which include angle cutting. And with a horizontal handle, it can also bring a new experience which can be a great addition to the compact design of the saw.

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