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The Ryobi TSS102L 10″ Sliding Miter Saw with Laser comes with a 15 amp motor and the capacity for 12 cross cuts. The saw represents one of the interesting options for users who need a solid tool to operate a wide range of cuts. So what advanced features and technologies come with the saw? One of the advanced features is the Exactline laser technology. This technology will allow you to make exact measurements and improve your accuracy. With angle cuts at 45 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right, the saw has plenty of versatility for most cutting jobs.


  • 15 amp motor
  • 12 cross cuts
  • Exactline laser technology
  • 50 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right cutting angles


  • Not the most unique design


The performance of the saw recommends it as one of the most interesting options for those who plan to use it in a varied number of situations as it comes with some of the most popular features from Ryobi. The good news is that these features have already been proven on other models. The bad news is that there might not be enough uniqueness with the miter saw to make it really stand out on the market.

As a tool for the average user, the saw will work great with its intuitive design and advanced features. The 15 amp motor has been seen on other models from Ryobi and it offers a power output of 5.550RPM. The motor is capable of powering the miter even with angled cuts, thus, it will work with 12 cross cut points.


One of the interesting design additions to modern miter saws comes with laser measurements. The Ryobi TSS102L Miter Saw uses Exactline laser technology which is one of the top features if you are dedicated to accurate results. This can also represent a great technology if you are planning to improve your cutting skills as it will be one of the top choices for the users who want need prices guiding. Even more, experienced users can also benefit from the technology, especially with new materials.

The Ryobi TSS102L Sliding Miter Saw represents one of the best solutions in terms of managing performance and balancing an easy to use design. The powerful 15 amp motor will work to your advantage and together with the advanced features of the miter saw, it will deliver a great experience. Although it will not stand out from the line of the manufacturer, the miter saw can still represent a good option when you plan to use it for cross cuts as well. This is where you can benefit from angled cuts both to the left and to the right. With a maximum left angle of 45 degrees and a maximum right angle of 50 degrees, the miter saw will provide one of the most versatile solutions from the manufacturer. And together with the Exactline laser technology, the miter saw offers an interesting approach for the average user.

You can compare this model with the RYOBI TSS120L to see which is the best fit for you.

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