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The Ryobi TSS120L 12″ 15 Amp Sliding Miter Saw with Laser comes with an impressive performance which is based on the 15 amp motor. Even with a powerful motor, the saw provides good maneuverability and comes with some of the most up to date features on the market. These features include cross cuts capability, sliding miter fence for larger materials support, lasers measurements, a dust port and a miter detent override system.  With a horizontal D handle, the saw is easy to operate and it represents one of the recommended options for advanced users who need a durable design.


  • 15amp motor
  • Cross cuts capability
  • Sliding miter fence
  • Laser measurements
  • Dust port


  • D-handle design not for all users


The performance of the saw sees it as one of the best options in terms of power to control ratio. For this purpose, you’ll be able to use its 15amp motor which delivers a 4.000RPM performance. The motor is among the average designs on the market but the manufacturer added some other characteristics which will make the saw stand out from the alternatives.

One of these characteristics comes with the cross cut capability. You’ll thus be able to use the saw in a wider range of situations which require more effort with some other saws but not with the TSS120L. This is why you’ll be able to use the saw at maximum capacity even with cross cuts and the good news is that the horizontal D-handle can help you control it with better precision.


The design of the horizontal D-handle can represent a new direction for users who are used with a vertical design. Even more, with a versatile design, you will be able to work with better precision. For this purpose, you can use the sliding miter fence which can represent a great option when you try to cut larger materials. With an intuitive design, you’ll be able to use the feature in seconds.

Another great design characteristic comes with the laser measurements which have been proven to provide good results in terms of improving accuracy. Even more, this technology can help you improve your overall results and help you reduce the learning curve when using your first miter saw. At the same time, it can represent a great addition to accuracy even for the advanced user.

The Ryobi TSS120L Sliding Miter Saw is one of the interesting options users have in terms of performance and maneuverability. Although the miter saw doesn’t come with market-leading technologies, it is still a solid solution for most users as it manages to include some popular features which will see it as a great overall product. One of these features comes with the sliding miter fence which can provide the support for larger materials. The saw also comes with a dust port. The design feature can prove useful when working in enclosed spaces or simply when you try to limit the impact on the surrounding environment as much as possible.

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