Single or Double Bevel Miter Saw

Miter saws have earned themselves quite a reputation for providing the best services when it comes to working with wood. There is chance that you will get one for your woodshop any time to ensure that the clients get the best woodwork done for them. The miter saws come in different types and the most common include single bevel or double bevel miter saws. We will get to analyze both types to identify which is the best for various applications.

Single Bevel Miter Saw
From the single bevel, it means you are working with a machine with one bevel for its operation. The machine is well balanced with a top carry handle for better portability around the workshop to different workstations. With a single bevel, the settings are easily accessed without the need to reach behind the saw. The machine also supports integration of larger bevel scales and detent systems to help with quick and accurate cuts. As much as it might seem disadvantaged with the single bevel, which is not always the case as it is also 30% lighter.

Benefits of Bevel Miter Saw

  • It has better portability as its construction makes it lightweight and has a well-balanced center of gravity
  • There is easy access to bevel controls. Such controls include bevel lock lever, bevel turret stops among many other adjustments
  • The bevel scales are clearly labelled for easy use of the machine for better cuts
  • There is an adjustable stabilizing foot capability that keeps the saw stable when working on slide cuts

Double Bevel Miter Saw
Double bevel miter saw is ultimately built for working faster and better at all times. You can think of double bevel as the workhorse of any woodshop. It can deliver more precision cuts, and functionalities whenever it is used. Due to its capabilities, the device can be used for better handling of complex furniture designs at all times. The double bevel miter saw also promises to offer more integration capabilities so that it is better in its functions.

Benefits of the double bevel miter saw

  • As much as might seem hard to operate due to the double bevel, that is not the case. The machine is still simple to operate by simply following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The tall sliding fences included in the double bevel miter saw makes cutting at any angles faster and more precise
  • Most double bevel stops have the electric brake for easy and quick blade stops. You can also make repetitive cuts using the electric brake system.

Which one to choose
If you think about it, both the single and double bevel miter saws have their own applications around the woodshop. It is however easy to say that the double bevel miter saw can handle all the work done by the single bevel miter saw and additional functionalities too. Any person looking to deliver better and complex furniture design would always opt for the best double bevel miter saw. If you are on a budget, always start with the single bevel miter saw before changing with time.

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