The Best Band Saws For The Money – Full Review


The band saw is a top tool of choice in most cases when it comes to handling the difficult construction jobs. This is because the band saw is often equipped with sharp metal teeth that can easily go through even the tough construction materials, whether it is wood, metal or other materials. Having the powerful technology of the best band saws should always get the job done at satisfactory speeds and precision too. The type of cutting you can achieve with band saws include irregular lines, straight lines or even curved lines if you buy one that has a tilting table.

Quick Summary: Top Band Saws

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

JET-JWBS-14DXPROThe manufacturer made this band saw to meet the ever changing needs of the woodworkers by making it sturdy and durable. The machine performs extremely well when it comes to high cutting capability and keeping you safe by using a retractable guard. The model offers a cutting width capacity of up to 13.5 inches and an impressive height of 12 inches. The retractable guard makes it easy to work on different work types and only deploy it whenever needed.

To guarantee on durability, the manufacturer made the device to have its frame made out of cast iron. This makes the design to be super touch to handle all the vibrations coming from the machine each day. The blade speed on this model is 3000/1500 SFMP making it able to cut through different pieces of wood whenever it is necessary.

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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

Rikon-10-305-Bandsaw-With-FenceThe model is made for people with small to medium cutting needs. This does not mean the machine will disappoint on power. The model is made to be stronger, flexible and tougher so that it can handle different types of applications. With its high cutting capacity of up to 12 inches, and 2 speed settings, you can be sure ripping through wood or other materials should not be hard at all. The machine also comes with a wide table of 16 by 12 ½ inches designed from a thick and heavy metal to allow for better stability and precision cutting. This also means that the model can withstand the daily vibrations from the motor.

This model has demonstrated to be effective and made of quality materials making it to be among the best band saws to use today. The 2.5-amp motor with a tilt table should make things easier when working on different types of projects.

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DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw

DEWALT-DCS371B-20V-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Band-SawSometimes you might have to move to the client’s site to handle jobs, this calls for having a portable band saw. For those in the market for such type, consider getting this one. It is made with a 20 V Lithium-Ion battery which should keep you going for a long time working on the project. The band saw generates enough power that can handle impressive cutting capacity for its size. It comes rated with a cutting capacity of 2 ½ inches on wood and 2 inches for pipes.

The design of the whole band saw carefully places the motor, hang hook, blade and controls in strategic locations so that it can be easy to handle the saw when working on delicate or overhead projects. To make it even better, you get LED lighting with the machine. This should illuminate your working area for easy working.

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SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

SKIL-3386-01-2.5-Amp-9-Inch-Band-SawThis is a noble tool important for working on medium to light cutting tasks. For those looking to handle irregular shapes or simply ripping though lumber, you can always rely on this model. The machine can easily rip though different wooden materials using its impressive 6-TPI blade. You can always adjust its height and make the angle cuts easier to achieve. With its large working bench, the machine is also seen to be versatile. This means that you can cut thick wood pieces or board sheets by adjusting the height.

The table and rack can also be adjusted to suit the workers’ needs and also make the angle cuts easier. This could be important when working with special blocks and joinery wood. When comparing this model to the existing models, it often stands out as the easiest to handle with its simple controls available on it.

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POWERTEC-BS900-Band-SawThe model has won the hearts of make woodworkers as it provides the best strength and safety you can ever ask for in such type of a machine. To make it even better, the machine is made from aluminum die casting and steel too for additional strength. Everything found on the machine is designed to fit firmly and for a longer lifespan. The manufacturer always insists on the model being the best because of the best durability, it can offer even with tough working demands.

The blade found on this system could be adjusted so as to match the different cutting needs you might have in mind. The blade is also extra hardened to handle the different cutting capabilities needed in a workshop more often. Since the table can also tilt to about 45 degrees, there is no doubt you would want to use it more often for angle cuts.

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Types of Band Saws

Bench Top Band Saw

The name suggests that this type is easily mounted on a stand or table for various applications. This model does not often weight too much so that the mounting can be easy. They also come with wheels that range from 8 to about 12 inches in its diameter. Another unique feature is that the bench top models would have their motor connected directly instead of connecting to the belt. The model is often seen as great for many handymen who are looking to be a professional at their job. It is also great for home or work use when it comes to light scroll cutting.

Stand mounted band saw

This type comes with distinct features such as having 14-inch diameter for the wheel and also an iron cast sturdy frame. With such models you can have it either as open or enclosed in a cabinet. The motors for these models you will find them connecting to a wheel by using a belt. This is usually located in the stand. The saw is seen to be great for people running a medium or small workshop where the machine can be well utilized with various applications.

Floor standing band saw

This would be a perfect model for someone who is a pro or an expert. The model is often recommended for woodworkers who are always working on heavy duty work. It is also seen to be excellent for deep and cutting curves. These models are characterized by having a large wheel normally ranging from 17 to 24 inches. With these models, you can always feel that it is stable and provides unbeatable power all the time.

What features to Consider When Buying a Band Saw

Band saw frame

You need to find out if the frame if made of a rigid material. This is because the best band saw is expected to handle more work at all times. There will be a lot of cutting so always make sure the frame can hold it together for various processes. Other reasons why you will need a rigid frame is because of the continuous vibrations, pressure and static forces coming from the machine when it is operational. The most recommended frame types would be thick presses steel material which can withstand such vibrations and power of the machine.

The wheels

It is common to find the band saws having a set of two wheels spinning together when it is operational. These wheels can bespoke or solid, what is important is their build. They always want it thick and heavy to create the flywheel effect, so that cutting can be easier. The ideal band saw can be made of cast iron as it comes with the desired robustness and also the weight to provide continuous and stable movement of the blade.

The tension system

The wheels are raised with the help of a tension knob. This just shows the importance of choosing the best tension system. Having a good tension will help with applying the right amount of tension on the blade for easy cutting. Still on this system, evaluate just how easy it would be to change the blades. You should be on the lookout for a model that you simply need to release the tension and access the blades for changing. A good system will have a tension knob for doing all this work on your own.

The table

For a table, you should be looking for a super smooth mirror surface for easy sliding and keeping track of what is happening on the other side. Depending on the work you are to handle, you might want to get a large table. This should be able to handle most amount of work thrown at it. The table should also have a guide that helps with cutting angles. If the table can also tilt, it would be plus in most cases. This means that you can now have bow cuttings with a lot of ease.

The fence

A fence comes in handy when working with a band saw. This is because of the amount of ripping work involved, so it would be critical having such a feature. The fence should also be really strong so that it can meet the demand of your working conditions.

Tips For Purchasing The Perfect Band Saw

You will find the band saws having either single or two speed capabilities. The speed is important when it can be varied as you might end up cutting different types of materials. For the plastics, you can reduce the cutting speed and increase when you switch back to cutting wood. Most of these machines will have simple controls to help with the speed changing. Some might still need a manual input, so make sure to choose one that is easy to use.

The price

Of course, each person would have a budget when it comes to finding the right model as a band saw. You should not always opt for the cheapest or most expensive models, but the features too are important. For a decent price, you can always end up with a great model that works great for your need. The best way to end up with a great model is by making comparisons with other models. This will help to show you what one model can offer and what it also lacks. Paying less might look convenient for now, but it might also have limited applications.

Model rating

The rating of the model is quite important to help with understanding how other people feel about it. People who would have used the band saw and feel the need to share their experience would rate the model. You can rely on such rating and reviews to help understand what can be easily achieved with the models. The reviews often come out to show what the manufacturer would never let you know about the product. Just make sure you are reading the reviews from a reliable source and sometimes they might be fake just with an aim to promote the product.


The specifications are quite important when buying the best band saws at any time. You should be able to understand what type of power you be getting with a model, the design, cutting capacity among many other things. These are what makes the machine better than the other models. You should also be keen about the dust extraction method as you will have to collect the dust, especially when working with wood. Most models would come with a bag for dust collection, make sure to empty it more often so that you can get more space to collect more.

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