Tips For Mastering The Miter Saw

The miter saw is a common woodworking tool that is usually one of the first purchases a person will make when they have decided to take their woodworking seriously. It is a powerful machine, especially for the cost, and can look fairly easy to use at first glance. Many people will quickly find, however, that the miter saw is a little more tricky to use competently than they first believed. The following tips are useful for anyone that is about to begin using a miter saw for the first time, especially if you want to use the saw correctly.

Safety First!
The first step in mastering such a powerful tool is understanding that such a powerful tool also poses certain dangers to the person using it. When using a miter saw you should make sure to take all of the necessary protective steps to make sure you don’t injure yourself during your project. After all, you won’t be able to finish that woodworking job as quickly if you have to spend a lengthy amount of time in the hospital nursing minor injuries, or worse yet, causing yourself such harm that you may never be able to finish that project. Make sure to wear protective eye gear, to shield your eyes from wood particles that may fly up into your eyes. Wearing some ear muffs is also highly recommended, as the sound of the saw is quite loud and can cause damage to your hearing if you work with it long enough. A dust mask to cover your mouth, or a basic respirator, is also a good idea when working with a miter saw and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a basic first aid kit near by either, for those times during your project where you may knick yourself and cause some minor injuries that need attending to.

Understand Your Saw
An important piece of knowledge to have regarding your miter saw involves the saw blade. Knowing the degree angle at which the hooks on your blade are stationed at can make all the difference in your ability to perform certain cuts and the quality of the cuts that you perform. This means you should check the angle of your blade and understand if the job you are performing requires you to have a positive hook angle or a negative one. You may need to purchase a new blade if the angle of your current saw blade is not what you need for the cut you are trying to make.

Let The Blade Stop Spinning First
One important tip when using your saw is to make sure that you let the blade stop spinning before you try to withdraw it from making a cut. This is something that a beginner at using a miter saw may not think about but it is extremely crucial to miter saw safety and making sure that you get precision cuts. It is very possible that if you try to pull the blade out while it is still spinning that the saw may jolt or kick back at you and this is very dangerous and could potentially ruin whatever cut you were trying to make. For safe and precise cuts every time, let the blade come to a complete stop before you try to pull it out.

Slow And Steady
Lastly, you should make sure that every movement you make while you are using the saw and it is running, is slow and steady. For the best results have a firm and steady grip on the device and don’t rush yourself when you are making cuts on the wood. Being precise is the most important thing, so in this case slow and steady really does win the race. It is also much safer for anyone using a miter saw to take their time and use a firm grip.

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