Types of wood for woodworking

You can’t start that big project you’ve been wanting to get to work on until you decide which type of wood you want to use for it. The difficult part is deciding which type you should use when there are so many different options out there, and each have their specific purposes and positives. In order to help you make this important first decision in your project and also as an informational guide for anyone wanting to know more about what types of wood are used in woodworking project, the following should provide some help.

Hardwood or Softwood?
The first question you need to ask yourself, if you are about to begin a project and you are still deciding what type of wood to use, is should you use hardwood or softwood? The answer to that question really comes down to what type of project you are doing. Softwood is usually used for small projects that you might do to make things for around the house. Cabinets and shelves are the types of projects that are typically best suited for softwoods, as these woods are generally easier to work with and sculpt into what you want.

Hardwoods are not used quite as often as softwoods, but if you want a type of wood that will generally last longer, and if you are building something like a deck for a house, you might want to go with this type of wood. The other downside of hardwoods is that they typically cost more than softwoods, so this should be kept in mind when making your decision.

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Types Of Softwoods
If you decide to go with a softwood, then you have to decide which softwood you want to work with. This can come down to personal preference much of the time, but each softwood also has their more specific character traits and what they are perfectly suited for. You should research each type of wood before making a final decision and understand the density and traits of each one. Some of the types of wood that are usually referred to as softwood varieties are Pine, Cedar, and Redwood.

Types Of Hardwoods
Hardwood is perfect for those projects that you want to last for lengthy amounts of time. Hardwood is usually very strong and dense. Although this type of wood is generally beautiful looking and will add character to any project, some types of hardwoods are becoming more and more scarce with time and because of this prices can be more expensive than your typical softwoods. Some types of hardwood for you to consider using would be Mahogany, Oak, Birch, and Walnut.

Another thing to take note of is the fact that just because a softwood is called a softwood doesn’t mean it is necessarily softer than all the hardwoods. This makes things a little confusing, but it is possible for a softwood variety to be more dense than a type of hardwood. While this may make your decision slightly more difficult to make, it really just reaffirms that whatever wood you decide to use should be chosen with the knowledge that the specific wood works for your specific project.

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