Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Just because you are a beginner in the woodworking industry, it does not mean there are no projects you can do. You will be surprised by the many DIY projects available online. If you feel it is time to try out your skills, it is time to try out the following projects.

Wooden Bottle Carrier
This might be like going back to when the beverages were transported in wooden crates. Bringing back the memories with a wooden bottle carrier can be awesome for some people. The carrier will bring that rustic charm to the drinks when you set it on the table. The wooden bottle carrier can be great when you have to go out for a picnic.

Tutorial Link: Check out Jamison’s blog to learn how to make this

Sofa cup holder
Sometimes you might have found yourself staining your nice sofa with coffee spills. All that can change when you make the sofa cup holder. You will now easily keep your coffee in position over the sofa without worrying about the spills. Such a simple solution will help you protect your expensive upholstery from continuous damage due to coffee spills. You can style up the cup holder and give it a more contemporary look and style.

Tutorial Link: Click here to learn more.

Wooden Doormat
Doormats generally act as a warm welcome to any house. This calls for choosing the right doormat for your home. There is a new trend in doormat that involves making them from wood. The wooden doormats are cheaper as compared to the woolen counterparts. The other problem with woolen doormat is cleaning them after they get all dirty. The wooden doormats are simpler to clean with a simple splash of water. This project is easy and can be done in a few hours with the right tools available.

Wooden Picture Frames
It is common to find most people hanging pictures of their family in offices or at home. The frames are commonly made of wood, but you will have to buy them. However, there is a chance to make your own picture frames from simple supplies around the house. Anyone who has less experience in woodworking can handle this project. Preserve your photos better with wooden picture frames starting today.

Aimee from Simply Inspired Home really knows her stuff.

Crate Tables
Creating crate tables is the easiest thing you will ever do when working with wood. You will simply have to screw different crates together to form the table. You can combine different crates facing outwards to prove storage spaces in the form of shelves. Give it a small paint, and the table is ready for use.

Dog feeding station
For those who have dogs as pets in their homes, it is always better to have a designated place where they can eat their food. The feeding station can be made in as little as an hour once you have all the materials needed. You will a pine plank and pre-fabricated furniture legs to get things going. You can always customize the style of the feeding station and add your own special touches to make it different.

Tutorial Link: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/step/0,,20303339,00.html

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