How to Sharpen Miter Saw Blade

The miter saw blade would only work great if it is regularly sharpened. Before you can sharpen your miter blade, there are a few tools and supplies that you need. Ensure that you check about the miter blade that you have before heading out to get the supplies. Among the most important tools, you should never miss to get a diamond file, workbench with clamps and one crayon. All these tools will play an important role in ensuring the blade is well sharpened.

If you have all the tools, here are some steps and tips to help get started with sharpening the miter saw blade.

Get the blade out
As the first step on how to sharpen miter saw blade, you need to get the blade out of the unit. It is impossible to sharpen the blade while it is in the unit. Once you have removed the blade, there is the need to clamp it on your workbench.

Marking the blade teeth
Your blade will have several teeth that it uses to cut through wood. It can be confusing if you do not know where you started to sharpen. You need to use the crayon to mark the starting and end point for your sharpening. You will have an easy time to sharpen all the teeth, knowing where to stop. It will help not skip any teeth while sharpening.

Filling the blade teeth
The diamond file comes in handy at this stage. You need it to start sharpening your miter saw blade. The best practice is that you sharpen one tooth after the other. Going one by one ensures that each tooth is sharpened to the best performance. You need to file the blade teeth in a smooth and upward movement along the edge. Do not forget to do the same for the top part of the teeth, as they have to be sharp too.

Some people end up having cuts during the sharpening period. You need to be careful not to touch the points or corners of the teeth. You might end up pricking your finger in the process. When you are done with filing one side of the blade, unclamp and turn the blade. This will help to sharpen all the sides of the blade.

After doing all the steps above on how to sharpen miter saw blade, it should be ready for use. If it gets blunt again, simply follow the steps above to sharpen the blade.

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